OES 2 Running on SUSE 10
NSS Volumes

Hello All,

One of our programmers wants me to give him access to a folder on our File Server via NFS so he can store Virtual Machine files. The volume he needs access to is an NSS volume. I have done some reading and I keep coming up with "Exporting a NSS Volume via NFS". I am confused by the wording. I am not really trying to export anything, I just need to setup a mount point for him to connect to. Here is what I am looking at

Novell Documentation

Is that what I need to do?

Also, can this be done during normal server operation or will it disrupt something? It seems to me if I am just setting up a mount point it should not disrupt anything else but I don't want to try it and then have everyone in the office upset because I disconnected everyone from the File server unexpectedly.

Thanks for the input,