Just letting you know, Scheduled agent deployment options in 10.2.2 do not work.

For example, I scheduled 90 machines to update tomorrow 1/14/2010 between 1am and 3am, and to suppress the reboot.

Here you can see that is what I have scheduled;

That also shows that it installed today, 1/13/2010, between 1pm and 3pm.

It doesn't show that it FORCED a reboot of the clients even though I have that suppressed. It rebooted my Cafeteria PoS registers. My camera systems (CCTV.) My PhotoID security systems. My embroidery shop. And on and on.. Machines not in use between 1am and 3pm, but in use now.

Just a heads up to others out there so you don't also look like an idiot to your bosses too.. Thanks, Novell.