I'm trying to reduce the number of operating systems that we're using in our small office. Currently I have one NetWare server for my GroupWise (I've been keeping maintenance on NOWS-SBE since it was released to replace this, but haven't been successful yet), one OpenSUSE 10.2 server for web development, two Windows 2000 servers that are being moved to Windows 2008 (backups/BES and file and print).

I'm more comfortable with Linux for web stuff, but when using the NOWS-SBE installer, there's no web server (or AMP pattern) as a option to install. I see after installing it with no other services, that apache, mysql and php are all installed, but not started, but when selecting the options in Yast that would make it work in OpenSUSE, I just get a pile of syntax errors, etc. There's nothing in any of the NOWS-SBE 2.5 documentation indicating how to create a web server (I guess small businesses don't use web servers, or just buy hosting, but I want to have my own at least for my CRM and site development).

Since NOWS-SBE licensing doesn't allow me to install SLES alone (which I've also worked with successfully) I'm wondering if anyone has gone through a successful install of an AMP server based on this.

Thanks in advance for any insight.