I have several satellite offices and each office has its own ZCM linux satellite server. I have started to notice that the satellite servers have not been rolling up the Collection content to its Parent server to be included in the database. Has anyone seen this and if so were you able to correct it? I have the collection content set to rollup every 4 hours.

On one of my satellite servers I issued command 'zac crq' to see what files needed to be uploaded and there were several thousand files some with date stamps as old as 12/15/2009 and possibly older.

I can run command 'zac crw' to force the rollup threads to wake up and copy the collection content to the parent primary and this works just fine. After running the 'zac crw' command I waited about 15 minutes and I issued 'zac crq' and saw that there were no collection files to be rolled up. Therefore, I believe that the files are getting uploaded, but only when I manually force the rollup threads to wake up. I guess I could create a cron job to run the command on a schedule, but why should I when it should be run on the schedule as defined in ZCM.