Even though my collection schedule is set to scan every day (except thursday) between noon and 11:59 PM, I noticed that some of my machines are scanning every time they are rebooted within the scan period. When I looked at the errors from the console I found many of the machines' clients were reporting the following errors, does anyone know if any of these could be the cause of the constant scanning? Thanks in advance.

[2.1.1057] There was an error executing the Software Scan. (sw error: severity: 2 code: 0x52563631 msg: Invalid path (too long): C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\HO4614NE\u1=;u2=;u3=;u4=11419;u5 =POH;u6=225;u7=0402;u8=Y;u9=;u10=0383319392;u11=ee c0)

[2.1.1036] The Collector encountered an abnormal circumstance. (WmiApRpl key didn't open )

[2.1.1034] A function failed (35324 )