Hey folks, (especially Danita if you're listening), I'm trying the test the move of my documents-only PO from NetWare to Linux OES. I've been following Danita's GW Move Guide and am trying to properly configure the path for the NW-hosted documents from the Linux side. So far, no luck.

The UNC path to the document storage location is: \\cds_groupwise\data\cds_docs\docproj.
From a Gnome Terminal, I use the following command 'ncpmount -S CDS_GroupWise -A gw.cds-assoc.com -U admin.cds -P <pw> /mnt/gw' to successfully mount the NetWare volume. I test it by using 'ls /mnt/gw -l' and see the DATA volume for the NetWare GroupWise server.

So all this is working fine so far. Then (just to make sure) I use 'ls /mnt/gw/DATA/CDS_Docs/docproj -l' to see all the folders that make up the document store. They appear, so I figure I have the correct Linux path to use in the ConsoleOne Storage Area dialog. I put it into the dialog, watch the PO process the modify request (Verbose mode), then shut down the NetWare POA. When I test-mount the Linux POA using '/opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/gwpoa -show -home /mnt/gw/DATA/CDS_DOCS/' I get the C06B error. And I keep getting it.

So here's the questions..._is_ the linux path from the Storage Area dialog case-sensitive? I'm just waiting for the Modify event to occur in the POA, do I need to refresh (synchronize) the rest of the GW domain before I try testing the linux POA? Do I need to add any more (or less) to the Storage Area path than what I see when I perform a directory listing from the Terminal window? Any other suggestions about how to test/fix this?

Thanks much!