Its difficult to tell the problem in English -
One our user with a new generate Groupwise (8 Client) cachingbox, edit an old Vacation Rule, with the normal Rule Generator —> not with the VacationRule Assist ( user has an update from Groupwise 6 —> Groupwise 8, he don't know the VacationRule Editor).

He activate the rule and at this moment groupwise spam at a lot Adresses the Vacation message with a AW.topic that the to.user never send !

In the discourse successionare never a connection with the AW.Message and the user who get the Vacation message. The activate rule was normal, and its not possibly to generate a rule how to send the AW. messages like at this time !

We deactivate the Rule and the cachingbox and generate a VacationRule with the VacationRule Assist - no problem after this.