we had a problem with our oes2-linux server in particular the DNS Server that was running (novell-named) was refusing connections. It was running fine just refusing connections. So in iManager I deleted the DNS Server and wanted to recreate it. No go. When I went to recreate it in iManager, iManager could not find the OES2 Server's NCP Object. Yes, I restarted iMgr and the server to no avail. I also performed an eDir health check with no problems. Now normally I would just start yast2 and go to the OES2 installation and reinstall the DNS component. This I will NOT do because when I tell it to re-install or delete the DNS component it also wants, amongst other things, to re-install or delete eDir!!!! NO WAY!!! So now to my question, how can I recreate the DNS Server on my OES2 without having to reinstall the software and thus eDir? Help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.