hello everybody,

we have a lovely little (physical) netware server (6.5) with about 500 GB data.
A physical windows 2000 server runs Data Protector and saves the files onto LTO3-tapes.

Now virtualize the netware servers with vmware and use SLES + OES. The main services will be the file services and eDirectory.
The data (about 500 GB) will be on a SAN. The virtual sles machines themselves will be backup'ed with the usual vmware tools.

Now my questions are:

1. In this forum I read a lot about Backup Exec. Has anyone experience with Dataprotector versus Backup Exec? Is Backup Exec THE Backup Software you choose if you want to backup netware files?

2. If we assume that we'll install the Backup Agents on the virtual sles-servers, how would you organize the backup of the SAN-files? We thought e.g. we could let the Agent write the files on a Storage Server (which is attached over LAN).

As you see, I am pretty new to this subject and I would appreciate any help.
thx a alot,