Released into the wild shortly before midnight last night. From Novell's
site, these are things that they claim it "fixes"
security fixes
Microsoft has reported a security issue in their development Microsoft
Active Template Library (ATL).

Microsoft has requested developers using ATL to evaluate their use of any
ATL controls or components and to take immediate action to evaluate a
possible vulnerability.

For further information please see Microsoft Security Advisory (973882)


Novell has thoroughly evaluated the use of ATL controls and components and
have implemented Microsoft's fixes into the Windows Client of GroupWise
7.0.3 Hot Patch 4 and the Windows Client of GroupWise 8.0.1 Hot Patch 1. No
other GroupWise components are vulnerable.

change log

510213 - DBCopy -i switch is not working properly.
553048 - Properties of distribution lists are not visible using German 8.01
555339 - Admin API Issue - New return values added for get_AddressFormat and
559998 - ConsoleOne crashes on SLES 11 when the GWIA and WebAccess gateways
object properties are selected.
560338 - Users created by IDM Driver do not replicate to primary domain

Calendar Publisher

554220 - Calendar Publishing will not install if the ip address of the
server is a 10.x.x.x address
552375 - Published calendar shows appointments both 1 hour and 2 hours ahead
554311 - Published calendar does not show Notes

Linux Client

552364 - Having multiple subscribed Ical Calendars will not load all. Only 1
or 2 will load.
552392 - Subscribed Calendars are not working in Linux & Mac
554231 - GWCheck script is still looking for GW client JRE in the old
"client/jre" to "client/java" dir

Mac Client

554672 - GWCheck will not run on Mac 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
562263 - Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 6 breaks + click functionality in GW

Windows Client

540061 - Client crashes intermittently in gwxplt1.dll
550436 - WIP folder shows that there are messages in there when the folder
is empty
550445 - WIP count erroneously increment or reduce the count until the poll
comes through and fixes it.
552198 - Crash in the client engine
552358 - Not all of the users mail is downloading to caching.
552360 - Password change not saving with Notify running with LDAP
552367 - Dialog box focus problem when opening Excel or Word documents.
552372 - GetIntegrationState error with GW8 SP1
552373 - In the calendar view, the option for MORE on categories is missing
553038 - Refresh problem when resolving a stub
553044 - Client crashes while searching Calender items
554206 - Sequence number is incorrect on rule delegation of appointments
554221 - Can not save documents in any library other then user's default
554224 - Compose control uses ATL interface that has security vulnerability
554229 - 9202 Bad Parameter errors when opening HTML messages or attachments
554346 - Plain text view moves carriage returns around in signatures
554351 - Send to | Mail Recipient deletes the origional file from the hard
554353 - Crash using ItemSaveInfo token
554356 - Ical VEVENT ending with a SEQUENCE property will not import
554602 - Using non-english spell check causes client to crash
554639 - Creating a new group in Online mode from Contacts folder and
selecting users from SAB will save an empty group
555103 - Forwarding on an embedded item and then changing the "Send User" to
a Proxy user will crash the client
555105 - HTML email print as text when using File | Print if the email has
an attachment
555494 - The Hours strip in the Appointment area of Calendar doesn't include
the am/pm by the hour
556342 - Crash cutting and pasting from the header control
556345 - Spell checker doesn't recognize quote message
556350 - Crash occurs when printing multiple attachments while proxied.
556362 - Close item event is not generated
556365 - "Error occurs when signing message." while trying to sign and
encrypt the mail
556376 - Problem resolving the stubs when the account name contains German
556381 - Create registry key to use older version of RTF editor
557356 - Reply problem when client sends out user addresses with U.P.D
format when cutting and pasting names
557478 - Client crashes with Entrust certificates
557487 - Modifying information in busy search not working
558099 - LDAP password change generates D019, but still changes the password
558217 - Speller is crashing in Chinese T and S , Japanese, Hebrew
559761 - Buffer overrun in autosave
559762 - Custom fields will not import properly from a 7.0x export
559763 - Random Crashes on a Windows XP SP3
559939 - Opening the properties of a user of a distribution list in the
addressbook results in an error
559945 - Unable to add a user in a group within PAB if addressing is set to
F.L or L.F.
561017 - A number of Find results windows are diplayed when do a Find by "In
all folder" option
561720 - Crash trying to create a group
566828 - Reply tokens fail
568910 - Choosing to "Add to Frequent Contacts " address book from new email
with user in System Address Book but not in Frequent Contact will crash

Document Viewer Agent (DVA)

552203 - Webconsole will not enable for document viewer agent
552384 - GWDVA taking 100% CPU Utilization


552388 - Problem with syncing caching mailbox
554217 - Failed LDAP password change can set connection into a bad state
556357 - CPU hog abend in Server.nlm

GroupWise High Availability Agent (GWHA)

552357 - GWHA starts multiple instances of MTA/POA when healthy agents are
already running

GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA)

551173 - IMAP: attachment name changed if contains Polish characters
551179 - Message file will not get processed through gwia
552363 - POP threads hanging
554214 - GWIA abend running process RecvConvert Process
554216 - ICal files show in client as mail message
554225 - IMAP high CPU when downloading mail that includes invalid
556379 - Crash on corrupt message
559297 - Core during IMAP write buffer cleanup
560546 - Users in DL not showing up in TO: field, only one user does


554249 - GWCheck gives error 0xDF0A on analyze/fix specific library


552394 - GWTSAFS.NLM abends the server, when running the Backupexec Agent


555962 - Installation fails when eDir Admin users context contain Country &
561581 - Installation fails when admin user does not exist in same container
as the domain object

Message Transfer Agent (MTA)

552370 - Abend on certain messages
553432 - MTA not doing a DNS refresh when a link is down
554627 - MTA not doing a DNS refresh when a link is down (additional code
555112 - MTA fails to start http port if it is marked bind exclusive

Post Office Agent (POA)

538703 - POA running on Windows crash
542866 - POA running IMAP on Windows crash
551232 - SOAP thread gets blocked when trying to sync an addressbook entry
551454 - Crash on Windows 2003 Server
552374 - 820A error on POA
552380 - SOAP Abend
552381 - POA performance issues
552382 - GWDCA on Linux crash
552390 - Current Physical Connections exceed the Maximum Physical
552393 - CloseScreen called with a screen that is still being used Cluster
timing issue
553033 - SOAP callback restarts protected memory
554748 - A601 error when opening cocuments Not a valid error
555086 - POA Physical Connections is exceeding maximum allowed
557873 - POA Crash When Users Proxy Using Evolution Client
558169 - SOAP core in NgwItem::gwtAttachment
558174 - POA crashes if started up before the MTA
559948 - GWPOA abend on GWSOAP process
564470 - High utilization/Server abends on SOAP threads
567556 - POA crash


507827 - Evolution: Reports that a getQuickMessage id is incorrectly
550592 - Add logic to get an embedded item as a mime
551182 - A space in a domain name causes EA01 error streaming attachments
during GMS sync
552371 - Memory leak in converting to unicode strings
552386 - Passing an empty view in getItemRequest will not return the default
552387 - A recurrent request via WS using an rrule w/o an until date will
552577 - Can't send large emails from a device
552585 - Performance problem getting items
554207 - IMAP rfc822.size command performance enhancement for emails with an
existing mime.822 attachment
554211 - IMAP folder \NoSelect flag missing
554213 - Incomplete IMAP SEARCH response on empty folders
554227 - IMAP APPEND command is not indexing the x-fields
554349 - SOAP doesn't return the folder tree
555108 - XML parsing exception in getting distribution list members
555153 - GetFolderList returns back the Display Settings
556487 - getItemsRequest on a recurrent item will fail if an "until" date is
556682 - SOAP Thread in POA abended the server
559672 - Subject searches should be substring searches, not word match
559734 - Can't create a folder under the mailbox


556352 - Lose message body using AddExistingItem
556609 - Name completion ActiveX truncating characters
559209 - Crash when updating contact fields
559797 - Attachment.add fails on GW8


552362 - Core in gwinter
552376 - Replies to some messages using Safari browser sends blank message
553028 - Abend in GWINTER
554421 - Abend in Gwinter -2
555116 - Cores in gwinter
557079 - Webaccess Agent Core -2
557352 - Work In Progress always prompts with "you have unsaved messages"
559682 - Double clicking to view mail in webaccess opens two windows instead
of one