A few things...I have tried setting up the client (4.91 sp5) install via login script and acu.exe. A few questions and observations:

1: Profile or User login script would not run unless the 'Exit' command was removed from the container level login script. It acted like if the Exit was on the container level then no other scripts would attempt to run? Is that correct? I would expect it to trickle down...Run container login script, finish, exit, check on profile login scripts, finish, exit...etc on down to the user?

2: Is there a way to tell if setupsp.exe or setupnw.exe is handling the installation? I have set up my test clients with different versions that should trigger both installation methods but each time it visible appears the same? Same amount of time install either way.

3: I have the acu.ini file set to uninstall everything except the client and compatibility mode. The same with the unattend file and the setupsp.exe files to only install the client and nothing else...when i login to a workstation it appears that acu will run the uninstall [B]first[B] reboot, then next login proceede with the installation? Is that correct?

4: I still get prompts for the installation even though i have set everything to no display/no prompts/force.....

Any help would be greatly appreciated.