I'm hoping someone out there has seen this, or has some idea on how to fix this issue. I have a user on a groupwise 8 system that when she opened her groupwise client would get the following error:

the folder name: " is invalid. please try again

this error would just come up over and over again, have to close it over and over again. So i tried uninstalling the gw client, and reinstalling, but had errors trying to uninstall the client, and now it won't reinstall..long story short. I had her try her account on another pc, and it opens ok she can check mail, but as soon as she clicks on "frequent contacts" the error message comes back until you "ctrl / alt / del" out of it. If i have her use the webaccess client, it works ok, no issues at all, frequent contacts all look ok etc..so i'm really confused..anyone have any suggestions on where i go to try and fix this??

thanks in advance...