I've consistently reproduced a particular behavior when a recipient accepts a recurring appointment in WebAccess, but can find nothing about the issue on-line, and, in particular, how the behavior might be changed. What happens is this:

1. Appointment originator creates a recurring appointment, sets it for return notification when recipients open the appointment, and sends it to the appointment participants.

2. One of the recipients opens the appointment in Web Access and accepts all instances in the normal fashion.

3. The sender gets back *lots* of open notifications from the recipient using Web Access. If there are N instances of the recurring appointment, then the sender will get N^2 + 1 notifications (1 from opening the appointment and the remaining N^2 evidently as a result of the processing done when all instances are accepted). If the recipient had opened and accepted the appointment in the GroupWise client, then only one return notification would have gone to the appointment's creator. If the appointment was also configured for acceptance notification, then the originator receives N such notifications no matter whether the recipient is using Web Access or the client to accept all instances of the appointment.

The only behavior that seems outlandish is the excess generation of open notifications.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

--Bob Haring-Smith