Ok I was going to ask a question of how to do LDAP lookups against dist
lists as I had a list that was used for internet email but my email firewall
was not seeing it. GW 8 let's you publish email address for nickname and
aliases but not dist. lists, at least in what I can see.

The answer is that you have to re-run the under GroupWise System Operation,
Internet Addressing, "Publish to Edirectory" everytime you have add a dist
list that you want visible to LDAP vie eDir.

I did not know that and I assumed once such was enabled, it enabled such for
new nicknames and dist list that you created afterwards. Is this a defect
or is it working as designed? I used SoftTerra's LDAP browser to verify
this, prior to updating that I couldn't see my dist list in question, after
running it and refreshing my LDAP view I saw it and my email firewall can
verify the account also.