I am running Zenworks 10.2 on a SLES10 SP2 machine. I have downloaded
the 10.2.2 update. When I deploy the update to the server itself, it
errors out and tells me to check the system-update log which is missing.
I tailed the various logs and nothing indicates an error.
[DEBUG] [1/14/10 9:12:15 PM] [] [Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [] [FINER:
Update has been postponed...only directly assigned devices will receive
this update until the update is assigned to the System Update stages] [] []
I've googled this error but none of the TIDs seem to apply. Am I
following the proper protocol of assigning the update to the primary
server first? I can't comfortably deploy this update to my clients if I
can't my server to update first. Please tell me if I'm missing
something and/or point me in the right direction.
Thank you,