We are about to upgrade from GW 7.0.2 to GW 8.0.1. I am finalising the planning for this at the moment. It all looks as though it will be reasonably straightforward.

BUT. We are also looking into consolidating a number of small (6 - 15 users) Post Offices onto a single centralised PO and using the Caching Client or WebAccess for these users to access their mailboxes. We will need to create this centralised PO first and will then move the various use mailboxes over time.

If I create the new PO as a GW 8.0.1 can I then simply move the mailboxes from the exisiting 7.0.2 PO's or do I need to upgrade the exisiting PO's first before moving the mailboxes.

Alternatively would I be better off creating the new PO as a 7.0.2 PO, moving the mailboxes and then upgrading the new PO once all moves are completed?

Any advice would be most appreciated.