I upgraded a customers system to the latest Groupwise 6.5 SP3 and border
manager 3.8 latest patches. He now cannot send and receive e-mail
externally on the 1677 port. No filtering was changed, but port 1677 is
now not visible on the external interface with a port scanner or telnet.
I presumed that the new Groupwise was a problems, and after a good deal
of trial and hair pulling, I have come to the conclusion that the problem
may lie with Border Manager. If I assign a spare secondary IP address to
the private interface using STATIC NAT configuration, upon a reboot, I
can telnet into the Groupwise POA with no problem on the 1677 port.

Surely, the default NAT is set up to this port, and should work as well
(You cannot set a statice NAT up between the Public and Private addresses
as it is already set by default). No filters were changed (any address
set on the public interface and the private IP address on the private
interface a la Craig).

Any ideas on what has changed, or what I have missed. I notice from the
Groupwise discusion forums that other people have had the same problem
with no resolution yet.