Hi all
Customer wants to append Smartcard/pin to his net for all Users for security reason
A card reader and on every WS, a smart card and pin to every user through the net, Nice and secure!

When remote controling a Ws from a Servicedesk via ZEN ,They Don't accept logging in on the remote WS without Card/pincode or else it will be an breach in security , if we are forced to logg in with an account on just ID and PW, since this account also can be used to login "IRL" to on the WS!
Are the some way to "beam" the local smartcard/pin on the servicedesk managment WS via the remote app in ZEN? Or are the any other way to solve this, some other remote app??

Evil Lars
here are the stuff i got to play with
Edir 8.8sp5
NW 6,5 sp8
NWclient 491sp5
ZENworks 7
Secure Login
Macafee safeboot