Hi there,

We currently have two BorderManager servers, the current production on V3.7
and the other we are going to replace it with V3.8. Neither of the servers
have been configured with an proxy services as it's just acting as an
internal firewall. Proxying is been done by another box on another site to
get the internet.

Using the default packet filters on the BM3.8 box we are able to get to SSL
(port 443) websites like online banking or webmail. However when we tried
the BM3.8 server over the weekend, using the default filters we were unable
to get a response back from the SSL sites. Has there been a change in the
default packet filtering of do I have to add/remove/amend any of the rules.
On the BM3.8 server it does have a default filter type "www-https-st"
Source PUBLIC lan and Destination All Interfaces and Any Address.

Any ideas.