Lately it seems like I love to hate NTS. Not today; I had a patch break
NSS pretty bad early this week, and I was forced to call in to NTS. Now
in the recent past, calling in to NTS seems to be taboo; they want you
to use bomgar chat (I hate that thing/concept). This was "system down"
so they got me to a frontline guy, that was well-spoken, knew how to
pronounce "Novell", let me explain the problem, looked at it, took a
supportconfig, and escalated it.
Backline callbacks take 24 hours, but I really couldn't wait, so I
called back in at night and I asked nicely... and it worked! They let
me talk to an on call guy.
After we poked the dead server with a stick for a few hours, we gave up
for the night; we got back to it in the morning. He had me take a core
dump, got it to dev's and in about 2 hours the dev's got back to him. I
didn't think dev's did *anything* in 2 hours. Patch was to me that
night, and everything's fixed now. Even though things were down for 2
whole days, this call into NTS was one of the best support sessions
I've had with Novell in the past few years.

So, for all the time's I've popped in here explaining how bad of an
experience I had, I wanted to make sure I gave praise when it's due.
For the folks that will grab SR #'s and "light fires" when things
aren't going right, I'd really like it if you could grab this one
(10587597363) and make sure the two gentlemen that helped me know I was
truly happy with them.