I have been happily using the miggui utility to migrate data from some traditional NetWare sp8 systems to my OES2 NetWare running on Linux. Last night, the job failed with the error in the subject. I found a TID that said, "Oh, you need to load TSA500 on the source NetWare Server.

That NLM is not on the source to load, nor is it running on any of the previous NetWare servers I've migrated data from. All of them have TSAFS and TSANDS loaded.

I've noticed that this source server is on far end of my network, on a MAN link from where I'm migrating the data to. The others are "closer" (packet wise). When I go to the console of this server, it take a good minute before I can get it to answer my keyboard commands. Could the TSA import process be timing out? If so, how can I tell it to wait a litltle bit longer?