Hi all: I need your insights into the migration of Zenworks from version 7 on netware to ZCM 10 on OES2.

I will be rebuilding our Zenwork 7 server soon and then installing OES2 on it. After that I plan on installing ZCM 10. In the past ZENworks upgrades have been fairly painless as all functionality of the old version was supported in the new version. But I don't know if this it true for ZCM 10. We make heavy use of ZFD including imaging, application deployment, group and zenwork policy distribution, etc.

So here are come questions I have:
1. Does ZCM10 support all functions of ZFD7 without having to recreate objects, etc.?
2. Do I need to install a new zenwork client on my workstations right away or can I do that in the future?
3. Are there any tricks or gotchas I need to be aware of?

Thanks, Chris.