One morning, two adults were found in a lovers quarrel with each other involving a 3rd party. For namesake, I'll just call them John and Jane. John is the husband feeling cheated who is at home and uses a 3rd party (internet based) email account for sending the message. Jane is an employee and uses GroupWise for her messaging. Upset about the situation, John took it upon himself to learn and use the email addresses of all Jane's co-workers and sent them a rather alarming message describing Jane's history. (It's not flattering.)

Now here comes my question: Having assumed that we catch the message in time and before it's opened and read by all the co-workers in the GroupWise Post Office, how can I go about retracting/extracting this message from all their accounts?

As the saying goes, "All is fair in love and war." But as an administrator who watches over the battle field, what can I do to favor the outcome? Are there any tools (built-in or 3rd party) for cherry-picking specific messages from multiple accounts without changing passwords, etc?