Yet another reason why government shouldn't be allowed to run anything.

Due to "budget issues", anything over $500 has to go through this special procedure.

We have two remote sites that are within 3 blocks of each other, but it requires travel, and several nights staying there in order to upgrade their NetWare servers to OES2 Linux.

Well, because it's over $500 we now have to go through all these hoops.

But, if we were to do the upgrades in two separate installs/trips, each one would be just under $500.

So, for some reason we CANNOT use cost as a justification! Yes, that's right. We cannot fill out on the form that a combined trip of say, $600 is cheaper than two separate trips at $450 each = $900.

How stupid.

Then come to find out the commissioner of the agency got approval to attend copenhagen global warming thing.

absolutely amazing.