Is it reasonable to do stateful exceptions for proxy and support 600 concurrent users? I have a DL360-G2 with dual 1.2 or 1.4ghz processors and 1gb of RAM. Installed with NW65SP2, EDIR8733, and BM38SP2A.

We were using the exact same box before, but I pulled it out of the tree and installed the OS and BM from scratch. We also wanted to go from non-stateful exceptions to stateful. The transistion went fine, but users started complaining about web performance almost immediately. The filters were unloaded and the complaints stopped.

I'm considering doing stateful exceptions EXCEPT for the proxy traffic to see if that is the issue.

Fills in progress (x in retry mode) was consistently around 20 when the stateful exceptions were in place, but are mostly non-existent with them not in place.