We use Syncsort BackupExpress to backup up our servers. Our larger Netware servers are backing up to tape via a secondary Qlogic fiber channel card (known in the backupexpress world as a SAN Device server) in the netware servers. Somewhere back in the last 6 months I started seeing my throughput go down from around 30mbps to 6-9mbps. Looking at the backup statistics I see that it is reading the disk at about 20-22mbps yet writing to tape at 6mps. I found out that if I backup over the network using a remote windows or linux device server I get around 20-22mbps throughput to tape. I have been busy with other projects so up to this point I had given up and started backing up over the network as opposed to what the server would see as local tape. Not sure where to go next with this. I have tried using tapedump to test performance but it would show writes around 20mbps which is not what I am seeing even close to in real time. The only thing I can remotely remember changing during the timeframe is going from SP6 or 7 on all of our servers up to SP8.