I have recently installed a NW 6 OS, followed by the installation of the Support Pack 6.0.5.

To this point, there is only one user installed...ADMIN. I have been trying to add additional users, but cannot find the correct program/utility. I have launched ConsoleOne (from the console obviously) but cannot see any place for managing users. I can see that in the installed modules, the iManager NLM is installed, but I cannot find from where to execute this.

I have used the Remote Manager to login over the Internet, but still cannot find any place from which to do this. I cannot seem to find iManager from within the Remote Manager. (I do have an installation of NW 6.5, and when I login via Remote Manager for this server, on the MENU BAR, there is a launch point for this.

I would appreciate any assistance.

Thank you in advance.
Dave Kalling