Did Tore or anyone else get this working ? We are setting up a client now that will implement SIP with MCI and MCI wants to put in Cisco PIX and all MS just because BM wont support it.

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Robert Diaz

Thank you!

Tore Jacobsen

"Caterina Luppi" <cat@not-here.com> wrote in message
> hi Tore,
> > Tha IP telephone commuicates on Port 5060 and 16300-16700 with SIP and
> > UDP trafic.
> > SIP ?? What is SIP and does BM support SIP ?

> ok, SIP is the Session initiation protocol and it usually works on UDP

> BUT it might also use an umber of different dynamically assigned ports.

> is a real problem for firewalls.
> If you want to learn more about this issue, look at this article:
> http://www.intertex.se/upfiles/Inter...WhitePaper.pdf
> It doesn't refer to BM but it has some useful information.
> Now, Novell's NAT doesn't have a specific mechanism with which it can

> SIP, but if you say that when you remove the filters it works, clearly

> a filtering problem and not a NAT problem, so there is hope. Clearly,

> SIP through your BM server might constitute a big security issue.
> I don't have an answer to your problem, honestly, but you might find to

> a solution that works by understanding better how SIP works, with the
> article I mentioned.
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> Caterina Luppi
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