Having issues connecting external pc's (home users) with the
ifolder client back to our office to an internal ifolder
server 2.x running on nw65sp3 (tried sp2 as well)

I have reverse nat mapped from a secondary public ip to the
internal address of the ifolder server and a filter from
"any" external address on the public interface to the
private interface using the ip address of the ifolder
server. Set on up for port 80 and 443. Internally the
ifolder client connects to either port just fine but from
the web it won't connect to either. However I can open a web
page to the 443 port but not port 80 from the outside.

Any suggestions?

Is there a way to user accelerate the ifolder server with
BM3.8 and have the ifolder client connect to that? Is there
a better way?

Thanks much.