Novell sales is lollygagging getting me the answers that i need and maybe i can find them here. I have a NW6.5.8 network that was based on 6.5 Small business. Based on our existing licence for the SBS, Novell is directing my upgrade towards NOWS (and the SBE version which i am staying away from) because we need to move to GW8 and ZCM 10. My unanswered questions are as follows:

1- Will our existing licence plan on Netware in anyway be affected? SBS 6.5 gave us unlimited server installs, which was fantastic. Will the NOWS affect this in any way?

2-Are the NOWS included programs tied exclusively to the new licence? Can i upgrade GW on my existing 6.5.8 server, or am i hamstrung into putting it on a new NOWS licenced server? similarly with ZCM, can i drop it on a Windows Server or again, is it tied to a NOWS licenced server?

3-Does NOWS GW include the bundled Intellisync Mobile Server?