I sucessfully (with help :) updated my servers and some test workstations to 10.2.2 a couple of weeks ago and I've been adding more workstations since then. On Saturday I updated a bunch of PCs including some in A&E.

One of their bundles failed to appear and when I investigated I saw that the requirements weren't being met. The bundle uses Citrix to connect to a remote A&E system and it checks if the pn.exe file exists. It was working fine before the update but since then it can no longer find the file "C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICAClient\pn.exe" even though it's there and the user has access to it.

I've found other bundles where the same thing is happening and I've added file exists as a requirement to another bundle and it doesn't work there either.

Has anybody else come accross this problem or found a solution?

Failing that is there a way I can search to see which bundles use the file exists requirement?

We're using Windows servers and XP SP2 clients