Hi all!

I've 4 NSS volumes at my OES 2 SP2a (SLES 10 SP3) server. There are volumes:

VOL1 (200 GB)
VOL2 (100 GB)

Using migration tool all of VOL1 and VOL2 was migrated from Netware 6.0 SP5 server to VOL1_SHADOW and VOL2_SHADOW. I'm using DST with shadowFS and since last night my server crash the process shadowfs. Novell Support is investigating the problem now but my client is a bank and server down here causes some troubles. My idea is use any tool to copy (like rsync or migfiles) all content from VOL1_SHADOW to VOL1 and from VOL2_SHADOW to VOL2 keeping folder and files trustees.

How can I do that?


Alan Cota.