Hello Novell Community,

My scenario:
Bordermanager 3.8
Clients connect to the internet via Proxy
Client authenticate via clntrust.exe

My question:
I want to give 1 client access to the internet via NAT. The rest of the
clients connect to the internet via BMEE Proxy, but 1 client needs
unrestricted access to the internet (ping, msn, etc).

What I did allready:
I have set-up FILTCFG (Configure TCP/IP Filters -> Packet Forwarding
Filters -> Exceptions) to allow access from All interfaces to all
interfaces with packet type <ANY>.
What I accomplished with this is that *ALL* clients can connect to the
internet without the proxy and offcourse that's not what I want.

How do I make a filter that applies to only 1 client? For example 1
fixed IP that can access everything?

Regards, John