Hi all,

I've just tried applying the 10.2.2 system update to a linux (SLES10SP2) satellite server and ZCM reports this error

"There was an error while installing package [/bin/rpm -U /var/opt/novell/zenworks/zmd/cache/ZenCache/8f892e64b3ab473b80dad0002c8a427e/novell-zenworks-xplat-zmd-runtime-deps-10.2.2-37192.noarch.rpm]. RPM return code: 1. Check the system-update.log on the device for details."

I have attached the system-update.log, although it doesn't seem to give me any more information than the message above!

If I try (via the ZCC) re-applying the system update I get the same error. Is there a way to remove the system update files and re-try from scratch? Or a way to fix the error that anyone might know of?