this *IS* a filtering issue, as unloading ipflt temporarily makes it
work immediately.

With a BM3.8 Server on NW6.0.5 [1] I face the problem, that the
timesync.nlm complains, that it cannot contact the specified publicNTP
server in the internet.

given Time server, that also shows up in timesync debug = 7 screen:


Filter Execption, that does not work:

From: all interfaces
to : all interfaces

Packet: TCP, Src=<any> Dst=123, Ack=no Stateful=yes

Source=any address
Destin=any address

Thanks, Rudi.

nici 2.6.5 not jet installed (2.6.4 in place)
SECUPD7.TGZ not yet installed
BM3.8SP2 (when updated, fp3d was out, didn't use it)

proxy.cfg and tuneup.ncf from Craig's pages