I run a netware 6.5 server (fully service packed) with OES2 as our filestore.

It is a virtual server running in vmware vsphere 4 on ESX 4.

Backup exec is configured to use AOFO and up until recently has been working just fine.

For the last week, all backup reports show that backup jobs are complete with exceptions.

The job completed successfully. However, the following conditions were encountered:

"2 files were in-use.
A snapshot operation required by this job was unsuccessful. Check the job log and the Windows Event Viewer for additional information."

The backup job log states:
"Backup- HOMER.NetWare File System/HOMER/SYS: AOFO: Backup Exec developed an error while trying to synchronize the server using the Open File Option. The backup will continue without using the open file option. Please refer to SYS:\SYSTEM\OFM\OFMNW.LOG on the server being backed up for further details."

I've looked at the log but don't really know what I am looking for.

In addition, each morning users are coming in to a netware dialog box saying the server pool has been deactivated.

Apologies if I am posting this in the wrong forum but can any one advise?

Any further info needed - just let me know!

Thanks v much in advance

Chris Doyle