Hi there,

we've got a problem distributing bundles that are User - Bound, or better User Group bound. We're working on ZCM 10.2.2. Our Users and Groups are cumming over an Ldap Source that Maps to a Novell Edir.

The Bundles are Associated to the Edir User group and in the EDIR the users are mebers of the Program Group. The User-Policies are bound to Edir organization units witch inherit the Users.

When Migrating a User from ZEN 6.5 to ZCM10 the workstation-policies (witch are bound to an imported Tree structure from edir, not an Online one) work all the time. But sometimes the bundles, which are bound to User-objects (that come over Ldap) don't funktion. Also, if you assosiate a new Bundle to a User that comes over Ldap or just increment the Version of the bundle, it will not be refreshed. Sometimes it takes up to severel weeks until the bundle-Update is recognised by the workstation and sometimes it is there in seconds after an refresh.

Does anybody have an idea? I'm very desperated.

Thanks in Advance
Frank Eckert