Netware 5.0 sp 6.0a
BorderManager 3.5 sp3

When creating an exceptions filter and selecting a predefined stateful
packet type it will not save with the selected stateful packet type.

If I try to create my own packet type I am not given the option when
doing so to enable the stateful option as referred to in the manuals
noted below.
I have been unable to find any reference to either of these problems.

Following items in this forumn I found reference to Craig Johnson
consulting and have purchased his manuals.

I note that the screenshots using the filtcfg are different from mine and
refer to filtcfg version 4 whereas I have version 3.12 His version shows
the option when creating the packet type to allow enabling stateful

Can I obtain this later version and if so will it function in my

All help would be greatly appreciated