A few questions in one really...

1. Should a mailbox of around 1GB, with probably 20,000 items or less be
able to search and return all results within a couple of minutes? We are
finding the "find's" take a very long time to complete, and even then, the
results are not as expected.

2. Some emails show the TO or FROM address as a name (eg. Joe Bloggs) and
some show the full email address (eg. joe.bloggs@company.com). Should a find
using FROM OR TO *company.com* find all of the variations of these emails?
Because they dont... How do I get around this? Big problem as sometimes the
name in your address book shows up and not the full email address. Any
workarounds or ideas why this is not working as expected?

3. Are there any guidelines/tips on optimizing the GW find operations? As
far as I know, quickfinder indexes are rebuilt in the background?