Hi eveyone,

I'm testing right now the Zen10 "Content" feature that allow the use of replicated server. I'm trying to understand how can I choose a content replicated server or a satellite content server to push the bundles. I have 2 zen servers, zen10test for the configuration and the other (zen10test2) for the content. I have also a satellite server that are the slave of the second zen server (zen10test2). When I specify the content of a bundle to be available on zen10test2 and also on the satellite, when a bundle is distributing on a client, it takes my zen10test2 server. How can I specify the clients workstations to use the satellite first? Do I need to configure the "closest server rules" ? Or does the zone randomely choose a content server? I have included a image that show my 2 servers that have the content available.

Do I missed something in the way Zenworks 10 is operating?

thank you for your help.