Here at the Univ. of Md., Baltimore we have Exchange and GroupWise used throughout the campus. On the Exchange side, all servers are part of the same forest. On the GroupWise side, each GroupWise system is separate and it's own tree. If we create a groupwise domain that acts as a hub and connect each groupwise system to it via external system sync, will the exchange gateway sync users from the each groupwise system to exchange or will it only sync users from the dom/po it's directly connected to? If not, is it possible to setup the exchange gateway for each groupwise system? We do not want to merge the groupWise systems into one system.

I appreciate any information on this topic. If you know of any third-party solutions, I'm all ears. We could use ldap, but don't wan't to search. We want to exchange information so all users show up in one address book regardless of the server you use.