I run gwava on my gwia box and I also use groupwise monitor. Gwava requires the use of a secondary SMTP Queue directory to function. This option is set with the smtphome switch in gwia.cfg. It doesn't appear groupwise monitor has the capability to monitor this queue. Is this true? I would like groupwise monitor to notify me if files queue up in this directory since that would indicate a mail flow issue(i.e. gwava is not running picking up the files). Monitor thinks there are no issues because the normal queue directories like \wpgate\gwia send and \wpgate\gwia\receive are empty. So if gwava is not running or processing mail, I will not get notified by groupwise monitor and will have to depend on my users to tell me internet e-mail is broken. I don't want it to get that far, I would like to be notified when it detects a certain number of messages in this secondary queue. Does anyone know if groupwise monitor has the ability to monitor the secondary queue directory?

As an alternative, does anyone know how to write a script to reload gwava if it's not loaded? Is it possible to write a script to check a directory for a number of files and send an e-mail if it finds x amount of files in my secondary queue directory?

I appreciate any ideas or script ideas anyone might have.