We are trying to increase our backup throughput using Symantec backup
exec 12.5 on our two NW 6.5 servers with gigabit nics. Any advice is
greatly appreciated...

Looking up network performance in the KB points to ensuring sufficient
memory. Using Novell Remote Manager, I get some things that seem a
little off.

Available Memory is 2725 MB peaks at 2375MB* max is 3326MB
Available Logical Space 874MB peaks at 523MB* max is 4096
Virtual Memory Performance NA
Available Disk Space 1,093,742MB peaks at 1,092,267MB* max is 1,691,509MB

Supposedly, the asterisk by a number means a low value.
1) a TERABYTE of available disk space is "low?" Something is not right

As far as the rest of the numbers are concerned, are they good or bad?
This is from my file server, which pretty much does only that.

Tune Logical Address Space recommends going from 2,147,483,648 down to
1,073,741,824. I remember way back when running into some problem,
(file lock issues I think) and was told to ignore the recommendations,
and set it up high. This was several service packs, if not a complete
version ago. Where should this parameter be?