I recently had a NW65sp8 , Edir 8.8.5 server get some beast tree errors on
SYS. By the time I submitted a service call and recovered from it there was
a loss of data that I don't have a good backup for. The folders created by
the NSS utilties from the pool recovery shows a lot of files from tomcat and
pearl directories. This is having some sort of impact on my NSM event NLM.
it will not load. Is there a document out there I can follow that will guide
me in reinstalling an OS on an existing running server? How do I deal with
the Edir version issues? OS installer will not be what I am currently
running. As for what caused the problems I am not sure. The data center
experienced no power interruptions. The server boots and runs from SAN. No
other Netware, Windows or VMware servers experienced any issues. I have over
50 servers running on this SAN. HP BL35p server w/Qlogic connected to McData
to a Compellant SAN.