Netware 6.5sp7 running groupwise 7.03. On a HP DL380 G3 machine. Things on this server seem in good shape no weird issues or abends, but recently the backup speed dropped in half. From 700mb/min to 300mb/min. I do backup using BE and also I do dbcopy to an iscsi volume and both the performance is much slower all of the sudden. Also my BE server backs up another identical server at the 700mb rate.

We are using Q57.lan and I appears to be the latest version for this model server. I updated TCP and winsock and that did not help.

The CPU is very low and disk requests a low too

The monitor > lan/wan setting have the server at 1000MB Full Duplex and the port on the switch matches. I have no failed hard-drives and the health monitor on NORM seems to be roses.

Im not sure what other places I should look. Im going to replace the physical cable this week and see if that helps.