We have Zenworks Configuration and it is working fine for all items except for one small issue. When we rebuild a PC and try and re registry it the machine just sits there in the Zenworks console in registring mode. The only we we have found to sort this is to uninstall agent and they redeploy again and it all then works. The image is a Zenworks Image but does not have any Zenworks Agent on it so it is clean.. We re-sid is as per normal, we remove device from the Zenworks Zone,we add it to the domain and run the zac command to unregister it and then discovery the machine and then run deploy agent at this point it install software but sits there just saying registering machine for ever even after the machine resboots and restarts. If we then uninstall the agent software and then redicover the machine and then deploy the agent it is ok. but is this the way forward or am I missing a point.