Hi all,

I have a number of PC's which I need to remove Microsoft Office from. The installatons were not deployed using ZCM10.

So far what I have figured out is that this can be done using MSIEXEC.exe with the following command:

c:\msiexec.exe /uninstall "\\UNC PATH\PRO11.MSI" /passive (where Pro11.msi is the msi file for installing Office 2003 Pro). I have created a dos batch file to run the above command. I then copied the batch file to the local PC using a ZCM bundle.

I want to run this batch file with administrator privileges but am getting stuck on this.

If anyone has any ideas how I can force this file to run on the local workstation with admin rights that would be great. Alternatively if someone has any other ideas on how this task can be achieved.

We are currently running ZCM 10.2.3 on win2003 server and have to rip out all office pro installs and re-install office standard (standard will not auto remove pro versions). I've tried various combinations by trying to repackage the bacth file using AdminStudio 9 but quite frankly I find this utility very confusing and not very intuitive.