i've got the Problem, when i run tsatest (or my backupsoftware HP Dataprotector 6.0) on my Clustervolume, then the System have some Problems.

Is this the rigth command to run tsatest agains a "local" Clustervolume?

tsatest --path=/media/nss/TEST --shownames --nopres

When i run this command, top show me

200% CPU for ndsd ! (how can this be?)
100% CPU for smdrd

strange, or?

iostat show 75% system and 24% idle?

- I can't kill smdrd, because smdrd goes into "zombie"-state!
- System can't interact with anymore with the Keyboard
- System is "ping"-able from other nodes
- only workaround .-> Hard Reset

Seems to be a (Kernel)Bug, or a Problem with Storage?

System: OES2SP2 x64 with latest patches.

Any Hints?