fWe have had quite a few people report random crashes with GW8 even after the Hot Patch was applied. The 2 errors people are receiving are:

1. Internal error the address book deinitialization function was never called by its parent application"? or
2. Generic Gray dialogue box "Novell Groupwise Client has encountered a problem and needs to close"

Both seem to point to the ole32.dll

We think we have found out what's causing this.

The people who have reported the random crashes are also those individuals that are clicking on the Groupwise icon multiple times to start Groupwise. They are clicking multiple times, because groupwise is not starting immediately(very slow) so they keep clicking/double-clicking..which is kicking off multiple instances of groupwise processes. I believe these multiple processes may be causing the random crashes.... or most of them. Especially "the first email of the day" crashes.

Not sure why Groupwise is so slow to start... if it would start immediately, we would not be seeing this issue. I didn't even realize I too was clicking multiple times to start groupwise until a person reported the issue to me. When I started asking others, they too reported that were having an issue starting groupwise. ... those same people have random crashes.

We will be testing further. When someone crashes, we will go into Task Manager and see if there are multiple grpwise processes. Hopefully others in the forum that are having this issue will do the same and report findings back to the forum.

And if anyone has a clue as to why groupwise doesn't start right away, please let me know. It's human nature to keep clicking until it starts.

I have an open SR with Novell on this and will report to them these findings. Hopefully it will help.