- I have a Netware 6.5 SP8 server with the post SP8 NSS patch installed (NSS version 3.27.01 April 7, 2009)
- iSCSI Initiator Version 1.06.05 October 30, 2008 connecting a 410 GB NSS Volume (Lefthand Networks iSCSI SAN)
- the volume contains user data, and contains, from the Root, a USERDATA directory, which then contains 32,749 individual user directories.
- The majority (90%) of the user directories are empty
- each user directory has it's own trustee assignment, and space restrictions
- compression is enabled
- 376,269 Files using 45,556,460,661 bytes in 221,439 directories so the average would be around 121K per file and as you can see it's very Directory intensive

TSATEST, indicates approximately 850 MB/min result, but when I attempt to back up the data using my backup software (NetVault, which uses NDMP), the performance is hideous. A Full Backup runs around 135k/sec or 8 MB/min (try getting that done in any size backup window) . I have also tried other backup solutions, with the same basic result.

I assume the issue is with indexing, but I'm not sure what to check at this point. I've been trying every suggestion I could find. I've gotten the throughput up to about 1.5M/s, but obviously need better. Just wanted to know if anyone here had any suggestions that might help me to make this function more efficiently, or any TID's that have proven helpful.

Thank You!